Dermaenergy difference!

Hi all and welcome to DermaEnergy!

I'm Sean Abel and I am the creator of the line. I’ve been in the skincare world for over 24 years and have been blessed with an interesting career progression. I started my career as a beauty therapist and I am now a Cosmetic Chemist. But between these two careers, I've also been a beauty editor, sales person, a trainer of medical devices, and a business man. As a business owner, I've launched multiple skincare brands in Australia. I was the first person to register a skin needling roller on the Therapeutic Goods Register (TGA) in Australia. I’ve also developed skincare brands for more than 12 Australian doctors, and I’ve run my own import company since 2007.

But let’s rewind. My story begins back in 2000 when, at the age of 24, I was introduced to the wonder that is topical Vitamin C. A new concept at the time, it essentially heralded the introduction of active skincare and ushered in the era of cosmeceuticals. Always game to try new things, I decided to give preventative skincare a go, imagining myself with smooth, youthful skin into my 40s and 50s!

Unfortunately, the Vitamin C serum I tried made my skin break out. Although my skin occasionally experienced the odd break out, I did not have acne. After a few days, however, this serum sent my skin into a frenzy and I was covered in angry spots. Naturally, I stopped using it. It was frustrating as I was inspired by the benefits of Vitamin C, but unable to benefit from it. To me this was a shame. This is when the DermaEnergy seed was first planted in my mind.

I dreamt of creating an active skincare line aimed at those in their 20s who, like me, wanted to start preserving their skin, but weren’t acneic. You see, the reason my skin broke out from that Vitamin C serum was because it was formulated for an ageing client. The serum was rich and overly nourishing. (I still find it interesting that most cosmeceuticals brands seem to formulate exclusively with acne or ageing in mind. They seem to assume all young skins are acneic. Preventative anti-ageing seems to always be an afterthought.)

I kept thinking about a skincare line that was not based on oils or anything overly nourishing. Super-light serums. Something fun and colourful, but with serious ingredients. And something that kept skin looking ‘fresh’ and stimulated. It took a long time to come to fruition, but eventually DermaEnergy was born. Powered by proven active ingredients, DermaEnergy is a skincare line formulated to keep charging the skin with energy. I hope you love it as much as I’ve loved creating it!



  • Dermaenergy believes most of us aren’t cleaning our skin properly!
  • Dermaenergy believes in a liquid exfoliant over a physical exfoliant!
  • Dermaenergy believes our serums can be used too as eye creams!

If you’re feeling as if your skin needs a good scrub, it’s generally telling you that your skin has not been cleaned properly. You wouldn’t clean your teeth without a brush, so why clean your face with just your fingers? Dermaenergy has created a skin cleansing brush called Dermabrush which enables your deepest gentlest clean ever. The fine silicone rubber teeth of the DermaBrush create space between your cleanser and skin to help life and remove your oil for a superior clean. Once a month it is recommended to go and have your skin professionally exfoliated. Dermaenergy believes that diamond microdermabrasion is much gentler compared to crystal microdermabrasion. Crystal microdermabrasion is quick but very aggressive. Diamond microdermabrasion takes a little longer, but the treatment creates little to no trauma. 

Secondly, scrubbing the skin is NOT a natural function of the skin. The skin naturally exfoliates itself, by movement (walking, talking, etc). The (intercellular) glue that holds the (dead) skin onto itself slowly dissolves towards the outer layers and eventually the dead skin will naturally fall away. Using a very rough, scratchy, scrub only hurts the skin, causing inflammation and damage. Inflamed skin is an ageing skin. We ask you to be kind to your skin. Use ingredients that helps dissolve the glue. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids are specifically formulated to dissolve the glue. Shed the Dead is Dermaenergy’s leave-on, liquid exfoliant. It's essentially an at-home peel. 

Eye creams aren't for everyone. For most young skin, they are unnecessary. If your active serums are water based then this means the serum can be applied onto the eye contour. Moisturisers can be applied around the eyes too. However rich, thick moisturisers suffocate the skin, impeding the natural function of the skin. A heavy moisturiser is essentially replacing the skin’s ability to hydrate itself. Dermaenergy serums are water-based and our moisturisers light, even Filthy Rich (our moisturiser prescribed for dry skin), is formulated in a light base and helps create a breathable film over the skin. Removing the need for it to be heavy in texture and meaning it is ideal for application to the eye area. Eye creams are usually prescribed for a much older skin. They usually contain a small % of Peptides and Retinol, weak enough to not irritate the eye, but too weak to do much to the surrounding skin.