Black Label

DermaEnergy Black Label is a step up from the White Label range. The higher concentration of active ingredients in this range will dramatically reignite a more mature skin, increasing energy and vitality and reducing visible signs of ageing. Prescription-only, Black Label is not available to buy online. It must be prescribed by your skin therapist and is ideal for skin needing advanced stimulation.

What is so different about Black Label products?

  • Sulfate-free cleansers
  • Fragrance-free (all serums and moisturisers)
  • 3 series - A3, B3, C3 and HA3 Serums – contain three main actives in each product
  • A3 Serum – includes three different vitamin As
  • B3 Serum – includes three different vitamin Bs
  • C3 Serum – includes three different vitamin Cs
  • HA3 Serum – includes three different hyaluronic acids
  • LQD Serum – hydroxy acid liquid exfoliant
  • Serums formulated with encapsulated Retinol, encapsulated Vitamin C, Peptides and more
  • Pre and Probiotic moisturisers with blue light protection
  • Mineral (chemical-free) sun protection
  • Sun protection - SPF50+ with ATP
  • Signature ingredient ATP (at 4x concentration of White Label) in all products

We believe it's never too early, or too late, to reawaken your skin!