Dermaenergy does not believe in eye creams!

Dermaenergy does not believe in scrubbing the skin!

Dermaenergy believes most of us aren’t cleaning our skin properly!

Let’s break these points down and discuss. Firstly, eye creams are a crock! If your active serums are water-based, they can be applied onto the eye contour; even moisturisers can be applied around the eyes as well! Yes, it’s true that heavy, rich, thick moisturisers suffocate the skin. This impedes the natural function of the skin. A heavy moisturiser is essentially replacing the skin’s ability to hydrate itself.

However, Dermaenergy serums are water-based and our moisturisers light – even Filthy Rich (our moisturiser prescribed for dry skin), is formulated in a light base that helps create a breathable film over the skin. Removing the need for our moisturisers to be heavy in texture. And making them suitable for the delicate eye area.

Secondly, scrubbing the skin is NOT a natural function of the skin. The skin naturally exfoliates itself by movement (walking, talking, etc). The (intercellular) glue that holds onto (dead) skin slowly dissolves towards the outer layers of the skin, and eventually the dead skin will naturally fall away. Using a scratchy, rough scrub only hurts the skin. Causing inflammation and damage. Inflamed skin is an ageing skin.

We ask you to be kind to your skin! Use ingredients that helps dissolve the glue. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are specifically formulated to do this. Shed the Dead is Dermaenergy’s leave-on, liquid exfoliant.

Last but not least, it’s time to rethink the way you are cleansing. You wouldn’t clean your teeth without a brush, so why clean your face with just your fingers?! If you often feel that your skin needs a good scrub, it’s a sign that your skin has not been cleaned properly. Dermaenergy has created a skin-cleansing brush to enable your deepest, gentlest clean ever. The Dermabrush has fine silicone rubber teeth that create space between your cleanser and skin to deeply clean the skin.

Once a month you should commit to having your skin professionally exfoliated. Dermaenergy only supports diamond microdermabrasion, not crystal microdermabrasion. Crystal microdermabrasion is for the lazy, where the treatment is quick but very aggressive. Diamond microdermabrasion takes a little longer, but the treatment creates little to no trauma. Again, it’s all about being kind to your skin!